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How To Choose

We currently sell two types of robes, fleece lined and towel lined. Before purchasing a Zen Beach robe ask yourself the question what will I be using the robe for? Both the robes are designed for versatility. They can be used for everything from dog walking to surfing. We have you covered!


The towel lined robe are more tailored towards people wanting to throw it on after doing sports. It has a spacious design to be able to get changed underneath. The jacket can be used by mountain bikers, surfers, runners, hockey players or even at festivals. The towel lined robe is also especially good when driving home, to keep you warm and your car clean.


On the other hand, the fleece lined robe is great for people standing around outside for long periods of time. It has a slightly thicker design than the towel although both will keep you warm. The fleece lined robe is ideal for watching sporting events outside or for sitting around a campfire.


Whatever you use your Zen Beach robe for, we want to know about it! Use the #thezenbeach on social media to be featured on our feed.