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Why the Sea is Good For the Soul

Why the Sea is Good For the Soul

When you first think of water your mind can go one of two ways. Practically, if you’re asked ‘What is water?’ whilst thirsty, your response would be that it is a drink. If your thirst is quenched however, your mind may be more dynamic, you’d think of it as an ingredient to make food, an element of the weather, something to swim in - or maybe, you’d think of it as a healing agent.

Scientifically speaking, our body is 70% water which allows us to adapt to immersion with ease. Submerging ourselves into the ocean is proven to not only increase ‘Vitamin Sea’ levels, but to de-stress and relax your muscles. This is due to minerals and magnesium - giving people the surface level idea that it’s a method utilised to rejuvenate your physical body, directed at athletes. The idea that it can ‘cleanse your aura’ seems superficial, that is until you try it yourself.

It seemed natural to ask the people who spend most of their time riding a wave for an insight into what contact with the ocean gives them. O’Neill sponsor Max Hudson, when asked why he loves to be immersed in water, stated “It’s a form of escapism for me - I feel like the consequences of normal life can’t reach me. Experiencing an environment that’s always changing is refreshing. I know this is true on land as well but in the sea it kind of feels like some sort of live entity. The sea is dynamic and the feeling of being in sync with it is such a close connection to nature. Another thing is just how nice it is to have time to yourself. All the time in life we’re just saturated with stimuli, and getting a break from that bombardement is an addictive feeling.” Life enhancing seems an understatement when it seems that what started as a hobby, an activity, a sport has transcended into a life changing mentality regarding the benefits of escapism within an aquatic capacity.

The concept that the sea stands as an experiential outlet isn’t only viable for professional surfers, anyone can explore the metamorphic capabilities of the ocean. Plunging into cold water whilst wild swimming awakens both your mind and body, paddle boarding to not just see the sunset from your window but to feel the light on your cheeks won’t just give you a sense of productivity or an ephemeral feeling of elation - but it will awaken you to the lifestyle of the living, instead of settling for surviving.

Zen Beach’s mission is to enhance the active lifestyle of all our customers. Whether you’re a current bystander wishing to actively participate more, or a water sports connoisseur, there is no excuse to not take the plunge. If it’s the cold or lack of comfort you fear, then Zen Beach is the best place to start. Ensuring you experience the world around you to its full capacity is aided by the warmth of a dry robe, as if Mother Nature herself is giving you a hug to say thank you.